Katie Lagast

Katie Lagast is a Belgian artist based in Lisbon. 


Katie Lagast

The work of Katie Lagast (B) was presented in various galleries and art-spaces in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Portugal. She received subsidies from the Flemish Government, and, for her Individual Project in Arco (P) the grant ‘Vitoria, Graça, Luz e Salvador Reis’. Aside of this the artist was invited for some artist-in-residences in Belgium, the Netherlands and Portugal.

With her installations, sculptures and graphic works Katie Lagast calls up a world of her own that challenges the viewer not to take anything for granted. Intuitively drawing on visual clues from a rather desolate urban environment, Lagast preserves slices of space and time few other people care to notice. Her inspiration could be right there on the ground: cigarette buds, cracks, weeds, the pavement, the street of cobblestone and the sunlight that hits it late in the afternoon. Casual as her subjects may appear, Lagast’s thorough formal analysis and admirable eye for detail transform them into objects of beauty and contemplation.