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Marta Pombo

Diogo da Cruz is a Portuguese conceptual artist based in Lisbon and Munich. 


Marta Pombo

Marta Pombo (b.1990, Lisbon) lives in São Pedro do Estoril, where she has her studio.

In 2016 she completed the master's degree in Art at École natiolale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon after the graduation in arts from the Esad.cr.

Collage is a constant practice in her work. It starts with an obsessive collection of images and other found materials, creating bodylikes that reveal their inner selves through their appearance. They might tell us about their love, loneliness, oppression, passiveness, in an either delicate or ironic and humorous way. You can't always make a separation between delicate and ironic.

It’s a poetical, sensitive and mean work that hits where it hurts.

Website: www.cargocollective.com/martapombo
Instagram: @e.la.vie