We want to bring a wide array of voices together in order to deliver deep domain-related experience.



We want to bring a wide array of voices together in order to deliver deep domain-related experience.


Oriane Wedd [US / FR]

Oriane is an artist living in Lisbon. She works across a broad range of mediums which she playfully combines. Works on paper may lead to text, sound, dance and sculpture, in any possible order. Stories of growth, monsters and womanhood permeate her creative world. 



Thomas Cock [BE]

Thomas is a fiction writer, currently working on a novel. Previous works include poetry, screenwriting and journalism. He also worked was a stand up comedian for several years in Montreal, Paris and Brussels. Now living in Lisbon


Gaëlle de Laveleye [BE]

Gaëlle de Laveleye is a Belgian artist and graphic designer currently living and working in Lisbon. Her work attempts to capture the vibration of the sacred and explores the invisible world, as intriguing and diverse it may appear. Animated by the magical pulse of organic and mineral elements, she works across various artistic fields like painting, engraving, ceramics and drawing.



Matthieu Regout [BE]
Graphic Designer

Matthieu is a Belgian graphic designer based in Lisbon. Specialised in visual identities, he accompanies people and projects in shaping a true and genuine personality. He also started writing by accident and, since then, likes to get lost with short stories that lead nowhere.



Basile Jeandin [CH / IT]
Graphic Designer

Basile is a Swiss graphic designer based in Lisbon. He joined the Fine Arts Faculty of Lisbon in 2016. He enjoys creating custom designs within areas such as illustration, lettering, branding, web design and editorial. Apart from that, he tries to surf the Portuguese coast as much as possible.



Sofia Karakaidou [GR]
Cultural Entrepreneur

Passionate about Art, Technology and an ardent foodie, she has been enjoying the sun and the pasteis de nata in Lisbon since 2016. She joined Otoco while studying for her MA in Arts Management at the Catholic University of Portugal and has been spending her workdays as a Project Manager for an Entrepreneurship and SMEs consultancy. She is currently working on her thesis research on AI-Generated Art. 


Katarzyna Sobczak [PL]

Katarzyna Sobczak-Wróblewska is an independent curator, living and working in Lisbon. She has been involved in Lisbon's art scene for two years, mainly by developing projects with local artists.

In the meantime, she is developing her project called Contemporary Art Tours Lisbon, which is focused on the art gallery scene in the city. Simultaneously, she is creating projects for eastern European artists with the intention of bringing them more exposure in Portugal and throughout the world.



Diana Petkovics [HU]
Singer & Marketing Advisor

Following the magic compass to Portugal, all the way from molded houses of the beautiful Hungarian countryside; traveling through leadership experiences of a media group in Budapest; ever-advising others to sail further and performing several solo concerts on frontiers of consciousness and the battlefield of human emotions.

Yet, the most interesting adventure is claimed to be the treasure hunt trip she has been taking on the inside.



Rita Queiroga [PT]
Artist & Cultural Producer

Rita studied Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon and undertook her MA in Contemporary Artistic Practices between Porto and London. At a moment of deep questioning about the role of art, she decided to take a break and created a brand of vegan bakery. She currently lives in Lisbon and works in the field of cultural production.