People Have to Play

Leap of faith, an exhibition by Gaëlle de Laveleye

OTOCO-Conny Maier, Oriane Wedd, Artem Zaytsev

People Have to Play
Conny Maier, Oriane Wedd,
Artem Zaytsev

16.05.2019 — 28.06.2019
@ Otoco Gallery - NEW SPACE


Set inside the forefront of an office space, three artists invite you to play.

Artem Zaytsev insightfully gave the title to the exhibition describing his ‘game sets’ where characters of all sorts interact with one another and call for further interaction. Glazed and painted beings of clay mingle with found objects, branches and play-do upon a textured stage.

The work is transitory, in constant evolution, shaped by the will and whim of who walks into the space at any given moment and allows the ludic nature of the work to win over their inner child.

The work is play.

The imperative tone of this same title may also lead to a more cynical ‘you have to play the game…’ expression which underscores not only the fiercely competitive nature of contemporary society, as well as the expectation one must take part in it.

But what if play was actually a way to break free from an over-complexified present & distressing future? Oriane Wedd proposes play not as an escape but as a place for imagination and creativity, where ingenious solutions can emerge from games that don’t discriminate winners and losers. With her bright palette of lively shapes her playful story invites multiple readings, in various directions and diverse interpretations.

Continuing with the colourful forms and perky depictions, Conny Maier’s paintings wittily disguise her reflections upon poverty, solitude and social conflict. Whether set in the context of the elitist game of tennis or in more abstracted situations her goofy figures hint to deeper layers of questioning, far beyond their oversimplified appearances. The artist addresses social systems and their constructions in her humorous “off reality”.

People Have to Play

18h00 — 21h00

From 16.05.2019
until 28.06.2019

Rua Damasceno Monteiro 126B
1170-113 Lisboa, Portugal

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