Reflected times -- Time reflections

No contexto da 9ª edição do Bairro das Artes, Otoco apresentara o trabalho de Fabio Baldo, arquitecto e artista Italiano que vive em Lisboa desde 2016.

Outro Corpo abre a possibilidade de um diálogo entre a permanência e o efémero. 

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Carina Martins & Katie Lagast
Reflected times — Time reflections

A duo show by Carina Martins (PT) and Katie Lagast (BE).

By deconstructing, cutting and isolating, by rescaling, decoloring and (re-)composing, the portuguese photographer and the belgian sculptor translate the banal into a poetic reflection upon time. Be it with silicone molds or a camera they both succeed in abstracting while preserving a very real memory of the extra-ordinary.

Taken from her series 'Eikasia', one of the large photographs by Carina Martins refers to a world hidden behind the images that one sees reflected in a mirrored surface. Similarly in the grid like composition of 25 prints showing light traces reflected on a lake she draws our attention to an other reality possible beyond the mirrored image. Each of these photographs taken at the exact same place captures a moment of time passing.  In the other large photograph a section of a plant is removed from its surrounding and used to reconstruct an entirely new image, gaining a new meaning freed from its original associations.

With an equally acute attention to detail Katie Lagast reproduces porcelain casted Portuguese street stones. Taking the parallelepipeds out of their context she rearranges them in unexpected compositions within the gallery space. Each iteration of the work "Street Stones" adapting to the specific shape and size of the space and the works with which they interact. Also presented here is "Calçadas", an ongoing, growing pile of porcelain street stones.

With their own distinctive vision and medium, the two artists who met at Ar.Co, shine a light on fragments of everyday life that often go unobserved. Inviting viewers to reflect on how they relate to the basic and yet foundational concept of time passing.


From 05.01.19
until 28.01.19

Carina Martins & Katie Lagast

Opening Hours
Wednesday to Saturday
from 14h00 to 17h00

R. de São Marçal 30
1200-419 Lisboa, Portugal