Reserved Exposure

Set in the downtown Lisbon hotel dedicated to soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo, the four artists will create a performative experience that plays with the multiple faces of truth and the paradoxes tied to their representations. 

Reserved Exposure
Collaborative Intervention

Otoco has invited four artists to inhabit Cristiano Ronaldo’s hotel in the city center. 

For Diogo da Cruz, Gaelle de Laveleye, Mary Stephenson and Oriane Wedd, reality is not necessarily what it appears to be. With technology increasingly shaping our beliefs and how we present ourselves in society, multiple realities are forced to coexist, often in very unexpected ways.

In the intimate setting of a hotel room, CR7’s workout facilities, and a reimagined reception area, a sardonic distortion of reality further exposes the conflicting layers of the post truth era. Throughout the entire afternoon, the artists will lead performative tours of the installations, allowing visitors the opportunity to experience the artworks and hotel in an unconventional way.

A continuation of the work by two of the artists will be shown at Otoco from May 16th to June 30th.

The intervention will take place on Friday18/05/2018



Diogo da Cruz (PT)
Mary Stephenson (UK)
Gaelle de Laveleye (BE)
Oriane Wedd (US/FR)

14h00 – 20h00

Rua do Comércio 54 ,
1100-150, Lisboa