We'll think about it yesterday

No contexto da 9ª edição do Bairro das Artes, Otoco apresentara o trabalho de Fabio Baldo, arquitecto e artista Italiano que vive em Lisboa desde 2016.

Outro Corpo abre a possibilidade de um diálogo entre a permanência e o efémero. 


Francisco Duarte Coelho & Wiro Van Vilsteren
We’ll think about it yesterday

With a touch of cynical humour Francisco Duarte Coelho (PT) and Wiro Van Vilsteren (NL) present We’ll Think About it Yesterday, a duo show that draws attention to the fickle nature of what they are leaving behind for future generations.

For the dutch architect living in Alentejo, this is most prominent in the materials used for contemporary constructions. Baked clay, concrete and bricks erode within a few generations of polluted weather, thus shifting general notions of timelessness and beauty. With his lightweight, suspended structures, Wiro questions his relationship to permanence through the ephemerality of architecture.

Francisco’s concern lies in the over reliance on technology for data preservation and transmission. With his digital oracles he highlights the godly influence technology exerce’s on it’s followers.

Together the artists collaborated on an interactive piece for which they invite visitors to contribute small symbolic objects into a coffin-like time capsule.

A exposição ficara até o dia 30 de Novembro.
Otoco esta aberto ao publico de quarta feira até sábado, das 14h até as 19h.


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until 30.11.18

Francisco Duarte Coelho & Wiro Van Vilsteren

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